X-Country crawler crane

Crawler crane X-Country

A compact powerpack for lifting in difficult terrain and narrow spaces.

  • Lifting capacity 4 t-200 t
  • Extremely compact package.
  • Lifting miracle for difficult terrain and tight palces.
  • Pitch angle up to 35 degrees” going his own way”
  • Innovative counterweight solution
  • Incredible agility, turning radius 0.
  • Turns in place
  • Material and personal liftings

Pending patent 20165919

Plenty of accessories make it safe to use:

  • man basket 150 kg ( one-person basket)
  • pusher plate ( width 1800 mm, height 350 mm)
  • forks ( WLL 1000 kg)
  • winch 8 t ( draw/haul)
  • auxiliary hydraulics with hose reel ( 2+2 pcs) ( for boom end, grapple, turner and other functions)
  • additional hydraulics connection through electrical 6/2 valve, control with the radio of the crane
  • electric spool to the man basket 220V
  • grapple
  • stump grinder (Havel)
  • Towing hitch
  • S-hook 500 kg-2000 kg
  • S-pipe
  • trancher
  • rail wheels ( rail/raiway yard working)
  • power line working for grounding and the cabling
  • line work for grounding and cabling

Occupational safety is the most important ataring point for device design.

The equipment has been manufactured and inspected in accordance with the current standards. It is a crane equipped with a loader crane that can be used to make crane works and personnel liftings with the attached man lifting basket. The crane and tracks are driven by the radio that belongs to the delivery. The lifting values are shown in the offer according the device specifications. The crawler crane has a pusher plate for small-scale landing works and anchoring using a draw winch. The forklifts what can be instelled are for moving the pieces and pallets.

It can be powered by a diese aggregate, or an AC power 16 A- 63 A. Aggregate electricity for the site can be produced as well, if needed.