S Hook



NostoÄSSÄ S-Hook is part of the Meramatec X- Lift family of products ,a CE-marked lifting tool for safe operation.

all S-hook models including fittings and adapters are handcrafted in finland according to standards and directives! 
Several models for different working loads. All the available models can be manufactured with different adapters. also available as a special low model! 
Thanks to the lifted height, you can work on installation sights  not possible to reach before! 
in the field of s-hooks, lifting beams or other equipment designed to increase the lifting height, nostoässä s-hook is clearly the number one!
  • For lifting to low and hard to reach, narrow targets
  • WLL 500 kg
  • WLL 2000 kg
  • WLL 2000 kg + Palfinger Multi-adapter
  • WLL 2000 kg low model
  • WLL 5000 kg
  • WLL 5000 kg low model, the height is only 50 cm
  • WLL 10000 kg
  • Available for most common cranes and models! 
  • All S-Hooks can be equipped with CE-marked adapters that widen the usage range and make it possible to use with different cranes, machinery and equipment.
  • All the S-Hook products are compatible with other equipment from the X-lift family and also other MeramaTec lifting tools.
Below you can find pictures of the different models and some examples of actual lifting events where the benefits of the s-hook are clearly demonstrated!
NostoÄSSÄ table of measurements 2020
WLL 2000Kg + Palfinger Multi-adapter
S-hook and PutkiÄSSÄ, a perfect combination for lifting pipes
500kg, 2t and 5t S-hooks
S-Hook and PutkiÄSSÄ
S-Hook and PutkiÄSSÄ combination in use
Lifting through low doors is made easy with the S-hook
Controlled lifting with the S-hook even in narrow targets
NostoÄSSÄ makes installations easier
5T S-hook equipped with an adapter
Low version of the 5T S-hook
5T S-hook with adapter