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MeramaTec Oy is specialized to design and manufacturing of material handling devices.

MeramaTec Oy is specialized to design and manufacturing of material handling devices. Our facilities locate in south Finland. Our innovative product development team has fulfilled customers needs by developing Rolleri roll handling device, Rollcut waste roll splitter and MR-2000 hydraulic conveyor belt tensioner. Other our products are belt-, chain-, drag bar-, slat- and roll conveyors and transfer cars with accessories.

We design and manufacture lifting appliances according to the current norms and regulations and do regular inspections. We consult for safe operation of material handling- and lifting appliances.

To the delivery includes documentation like inspection- and service instructions, spare part recommendations and –drawings, CE-declaration of conformity, startup protocols and test certificates.

We are widely known in international companies containing wood-, paper-, food-, construction-, metal- and medical industry. Become familiar to our references and products and make your own opinion.

Five product lines

The development work has been finalized and now it is time to renew our corporate identity to meet our extensive services. We have branded five product lines to streamline marketing communications, make it easier for our customers to find products that match their needs. These five product lines are: X Country Special Cranes, X Trailer Cranes, X Lift Lifting Equipment, X Safety Occupational Safety Consulting Servise and X Move Material Handling Equipment.

All product line logos have one of company´s most important values; ” Solutions for safety”

Products for customer needs


X Move is a product line, which products “have moved” the world over 35 years on land, at sea and in the air.

Quality- Reliability- Productivity – Safety have ensured that industry, enrgy companies and harbors not only in Finland but also internationally have relied on meterial handling equipment of the MeramaTec.

Conveyors and roller handling equipment have been and continue to be a strong competence area for the company, with many innovative solutions and patents. Solutions for safety has been at the key core of the product development already 35 years.


The X-Lift lifting equipment is the widest product line in the product range which includes:

X Lift multipurpose beam, X Lift caple unwinder, X Lift wide belt lifting lugs, X Lift roof truss lifter, X Lift low beam lifter.

In addition to these, we also manufacture according the crane rated S-hook lifters and pipe S-hooks, which is new generation device for the pipe assembling. For special needs also vacuum and special lifting beams are manufactured. All our lifying accessories, are certainly designed and produced according to the existing standards and norms.



The top product of the X Country product line is the crawler crane in a size range that meets customer needs. X Country Special Crane are a revolutionary development for the lifting works. With the X Country products, it is possible to carry out lifting works everywhere: both in terrain and in tight conditions of industry. With X Country cranes, it is possible to carry out both personal and bulk liftings only with one device – easily, quickly and above all safely. The special X Country cranes are our own design work, which also enables manufacturing crane solutions tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

Operating principles and values

MeramaTec Oy values Quality, Reliability, Productivity and Safety have quided years the development work. Cost-effectiveness and Occupational safety have risen to a special positions.Durinng over 35 years of industrial work has been formed a plenty of intellectual capital to the company from the challenges of industrial works. This information has been refined into products that respond to a number of challenges in terms of maintenance, lift safety and occupational safety.


With the X Safety Occupational Safety Consulting Services, we help our customers to find legitimate, cost-effective and safe working methods. Our 35 years experience helps you to achieve safety without losing cost-effectiveness. The safety training is one of our products, which has been developed based on experience; ” use of common sense” is a priority rather than a theory.

As an indicator of our knowledge, MeramaTec Oy was invited as the first Finnish company to give a lecture from the occupational safety in Duplin, Ireland in 2013 during the EU Conferense on Occupational Safety and Health, organized annually by the EU Comission Presidency.




The X-trailer product line enables material and personal liftings and transporting with a single equipment, easy and quickly, with much wider range of trajectories than a traditional personal lifting device. X Trailer crane trailers are compact power units that allow the transport of the necessary raw materials to the site and the personal and material liftings with one device. To use the X Trailer , just a BE driving license in needed..
A versatile assistant for contractors and installation companies.
With the same trailer; load liftings, transports and personnel liftings.

Principles and values


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Solutions for safety